branding & packaging design
Stag Dining Group, a supper club and experience driven catering company based in San Francisco, approached me to brand and design their upcoming wine label and event space, Cerf Club (cerf being the French word for deer... stag, deer... you get it). 
My mission was to create an easily editable template for their wine labels that could be combined with artwork by San Francisco artist, Victor Reyes. Victor's artwork demands attention, and while we wanted an easily identifiable branding scheme, we wanted something that would step aside to let the artwork shine.
A typography heavy scheme, combined with simple branding marks turned out to be the best solution. Pop colors pull from Victor's artwork. The result is a fun and contemporary wine label that stands apart on the shelf.
The Cerf Club event space.
The Cerf Club event space.
photography by David Dines

early layout and stamp explorations