branding, package design & interior
"This is where you go for a unique cup of coffee, broad range of conversation, and distinct sense of style."
Hovercraft Studio was approached to build the identity of a soon-to-be coffee shop and roaster in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Seeing as coffee literally fuels my design work, this was dream project come true for me, and I was on the core team from day one alongside senior designer, Derek Leach, and creative director, Zack Teachout.
We were asked to help concept the brand itself, starting with the name. We started by building a brand personality that was intelligent, local, eclectic, and approachable, and used that personality as parameters in finding the name.
Harvard was home to the very first printing press in the United States. This press was the catalyst for the spread of information and knowledge in New England colonies around Boston. The broadsheet was the primary vehicle of printed communication. It was a large single-side printed poster that contained new ideas, ways of thinking and current goings-on in the community. Since the coffee shop is the one of the central contributors to the spread of new ideas and current events through communication and conversation, the name "Broadsheet" was born. 
Hovercraft was also tasked with influencing the general feel of the space itself, and assembled a material palette that spoke to the brand personality we had already created. Simple, primary hues, coupled with whites and woods, equalled a space that truly feels intelligent, eclectic, and approachable.
The identity was designed to compliment the space, speak to the personality of the brand, and stand out in a crowd of craft coffee roasters. A pattern, inspired by the printing press and the spread of news, was designed to accompany a system that utilizes simple typography, kraft paper, foil touches and primary pastel hues. The final design is fun and intelligent, achieved ours and the client's goals, and is beautiful to boot.